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8th OFID Day
Promoting Learner-Centered Education 


This annual event has become a tradition. In its 8th edition, the OFID DAY event will bring together faculties from all colleges and Departments to share experiences that Promote Learner-Centered Education. The main themes will  focus on: 

  • Developing and implementing learner-centered approaches
  • The role of the teacher in learner-centered teaching
  • Actively engaging students in their own learning
  • Challenges and issues of learner center teaching
  • Learner Voice and Choice Leads to Engagement
  • Encouraging students to reflect on what and how they are learning
  • The responsibility for learning (teacher and students)
  • Purpose and process of assessment in learner-centered classrooms
  • Applications and use of student's voice
  • Motivating students by giving them some control over learning processes.

















Date and Venue:  

Tuesday, 17 January 2017
Ibn Khaldoon Hall (Opening )
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