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Honors Program at Qatar University is a Turning Point in a Students Academic Life | Qatar University

Honors Program at Qatar University is a Turning Point in a Students Academic Life


The program boasts a stimulating educational environment and encompasses diverse scientific skills

The Qatar University Honors Program is one of the leading programs in the region and internationally, and is designed specifically for students seeking excellence and creativity. The idea of this program is based on providing a productive and exceptional intellectual environment for the student to help explore their potential and intellectual tendencies, achieve goals and aspirations, and enhance their desire and motivation to develop and refine all skills such as critical thinking, teamwork and enhancing scientific inquiries. Through this curriculum the student becomes prepared to face ever-changing facets of the world.

The Honors Program was established at Qatar University in Fall 2009 with the aim of providing students with a unique learning environment that will enable them to complete their higher education and enter the labor market after completing their academic years. The program started with four distinguished students since its inception and has now become a community that is spread throughout the university. It has now included more than 300 students from different faculties, programs and academic disciplines, a large proportion of whom are Qatari students.

 Program objectives and educational vision:

The program aims to be an attractive option for students with high academic abilities, achieving high level competition in higher education institutions in Qatar, employing qualified students in the program correctly, touching on long-term impacts and attracting specialized faculty members to contribute to building an environment rich in intellectual challenges and access to the necessary resources. The program aspires to preserve and enrich the ecologically sound environment for students and faculty members and introduce multidisciplinary curricula as well as activities that motivate students to use their intellectual abilities to the fullest.

An important feature of this program is that admission is not limited to students from a particular college, which achieves academic diversity in a single classroom. Students from different colleges and disciplines meet to study the program's courses. The program also provides students with resources designed to motivate them to achieve their full potential while remaining outstanding students and encouraging them to continue diligence during their academic career. The program contributes to the graduation of students at a high level in the field of science and research, and enhances their communication skills. Qatar University aspires to achieve the highest international standards to serve the country's labor market and to provide distinguished graduates, able to push development and innovation forward.

Prof. Abdrabo Soliman, Director of the Honors Program says, "The Honors Program at Qatar University is an ideal choice for students who want a sophisticated curriculum and want to explore different perspectives and visions around the world, stimulate their intellectual curiosity and satisfy their desires.” The main objective of the academic excellence program at Qatar University can be summed up in the ancient Greek word "ARETÉ" (highest level of excellence) as the program offers a unique and distinctive teaching model. The program at Qatar University seeks to provide an academic climate conducive to excellence in university education and seeks to enrich the quality of learning and education through the establishment of activities, challenges, debates and motivation to achieve academic success.

 The mechanism of selecting students to join the Honors Program:

Students are selected according to clear and precise criteria. In terms of admission requirements, enrollment is not limited to students of a particular discipline. Many students from different colleges and disciplines meet to study the program. One of the admission criteria in the program is that the student has a high cumulative average to qualify for the program. The program provides students with a multidisciplinary curriculum to motivate them to innovate, and to graduate students at a high level in the field of scientific research.

 Study mechanism in the Honors Program:

The outputs of the courses offered by the program aims to support and enrich the curricula included in academic study plans. This program allows students to study in a broad interdisciplinary curriculum that challenges their abilities and motivates them to innovate, master and achieve exceptional results during their learning. The faculty members of the program seek to provide the appropriate academic environment that enables students to excel in school and drive them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

The number of hours conducted at the Honors Program is not considered additional but rather a part of the study plan that the student studies -in all cases. The method of studying differs from other courses. The program hours reach 24 hours, or eight courses, characterized by methods of teaching, where the most elite qualified teachers teach the students over the course of four years. The course aims to increase the capacity of students and broaden their perceptions, thinking and horizons. The atmosphere is one of healthy competition among the students, and provides students with an exceptional intellectual environment to explore, realize their full potential and employ the development of their analytical skills. The program motivates students with resources that launch their abilities and helps them to discover their best talents and encourages them to continue diligence in their academic career. This will help open doors for them in graduate studies.

 Achievements of the Honor Program:

During the past years, the Honors Program has achieved a number of achievements, including the remarkable polarization of students from various faculties, the renewal of the program's membership in the council of Honors programs from various universities around the world, and the annual participation in the council’s annual conference in the United States. The students of the Honor Program and their peers from other global universities participate in this conference in addition to other competitions in the Gulf.

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