Loyal Alumni

How to be a Loyal Alumni
Qatar University's graduates are keen to show their loyalty to their alma mater, but many think it is a long process or are not sure where or how to start.

Below are details on how you can become part of our "Loyal Alumnus Program", and show your loyalty to QU:

  1. Stay informed
    1. Follow QU news and developments on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis through printed and online newsletters and information material published by the institution in general or by the Alumni Association Office in particular.
    2. Update your data and contact details from time to time thus enabling us to contact you and , more especially, to invite you to QU events that fall within your interest, and to keep you posted on the many bright opportunities that we offer to our alumni .
    3. Access free subscription to browse and read regular QU online newsletters and publications
    4. Visiting Qatar University website regularly.
  2. Get involved
    1. When you update your information with the Alumni Association Office, you will receive invitations to attend university-wide events and activities such as the National Day celebrations at QU, Campus Day, Annual Alumni Reunion, and many other celebratory activities that will serve to bring you closer to the university.
    2. You may wish to enhance your attendance by volunteering your services such as event organization. If you are interested, please contact the Alumni Office or register at the Voluntarism and community services section at this link.
    3. Should you wish to further expand your efforts, you may subscribe to one of the Association's Chapters or even launch a new chapter based on your interest.
    4. Reach out to other alumni who are not current with the university and encourage them to keep up with developments through the Association.
    5. Encourage your colleagues to join the Loyal Alumnus Program.
  3. Give back
    Examples of paying tribute to Qatar University:
    1. Give assistance to new alumni, offering guidance on employment and other opportunities.
    2. Offer training and other forms of opportunities to QU alumni in light of your current employment.
    3. Through the Alumni Association Office or other means, share your experiences and practices with current students and try to motivate and encourage them.
    4. Contact faculty or staff who were instrumental in guiding you personally, professionally or academically and voice your appreciation of their efforts.
    5. Explore other ways and means by which you can show your loyalty to Qatar University and its alumni.
  4. Show pride in QU
    Show pride in the developments taking place on the campus and the accomplishments achieved by the university. Speak out and spread your appreciation among your professional, social and family relations or even through your social network s and contacts. Commend QU efforts, programs, developments, graduates, and achievements that make you walk tall and hold your head high.

QUAA is pleased to offer the following privileges to QU loyal alumni:

  • Discounts in Workshops provided by continuing education office
  • Discounts at over 80 businesses across Qatar
  • Access to 30% of seats at the QU Early Childhood Center’s Kindergarten (depending on availability)
  • Exclusive access to QU premises
  • Membership discount at QU Aquatic Sports Complex
  • Eligibility to compete for the Continued Education Office’s prestigious grant to attend its courses and workshops (program and grant conditions apply)
  • Access to QU libraries



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