President's Message

In the eyes of its graduates, Qatar University (QU) is not just an academic institution that offers academic degrees while contributing to the development of Qatar into a modern nation and to the country’s journey to the future. QU is the “Key of Life” that opens doors for its graduates, giving them access to development, growth and prosperity.

Every Qatari household has been directly or indirectly attached to QU. We had a student who walked in, full of hope and ambition; a graduate who walked out, loaded with knowledge and unforgettable memories; a professor who passed down his or her experience to the University’s students; or an employee who contributed through his or her knowledge to the growth and progress of his or her beloved country.

I am so proud of being one of QU’s forty thousand (40,000) alumni. For us, QU was a second home. No matter when and where we are, our hearts will always be attached to QU with great affection and gratitude. No matter how busy we might be with everyday worries and concerns, it is our duty to interact with QU and to contribute to its growth and progress through the knowledge that we have acquired during our academic journey.

I also take pride in being a member of QU Alumni Association. Since its establishment in 2012, the Association has served as a link that binds together thousands of graduates from all over the world, regardless of their interests, profession and country affiliation. The Association has also succeeded in just a few years to launch a number of outstanding projects that contributed to promoting the positive image of QU graduates.

The most important achievement of QU Alumni Association is bringing QU graduates closer to their alma mater that embraced them with care and love throughout their youth.

I therefore urge all the members of QU Alumni Association to show more of their achievements and innovative skills. The Association is there for you and will no doubt grow through you and with you.

As for graduates who are not yet members, I say: “You are missing a lot!”

H.E. Dr. Mohammad Bin Saleh Al-Sada

Minister of Energy and Industry
President of Qatar University Alumni Association



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