President's Message

Allegiance and Loyalty

Because it is my University … I am faithful to it;
As it bears the name of the nation, ... I am loyal to it.

This is the mantra of QU alumni, and a testament in support of the dedication and communication between the institution and its graduates.

The University is a repository of the knowledge of generations, a continual source of alumni pride, and a beacon of national hope, as it prepares the next wave of competent intellectuals and entrepreneurs with invaluable skills and academic degrees.

We recognize the great virtue of commitment, and as such, embrace it in the natural expression of higher education objectives.

These objectives now serve as a unifying framework as the Association aims to strengthen relations between alumni and the University, and also enable the alumni who aim to support their University in return for their success, and add their names to the pledge:

'We enjoyed the best of our days on Campus; you have been the gate through which we passed into our future. Now, it's our turn to repay this service and do our best to help you develop and advance in the fashion that ensures our nation's glory, prosperity, and growth.'

Dr. Saif Ali Al Hajari
President of Alumni



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