CAS History
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Last modified: July 15, 2015 05:47:21.


The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) was established in the academic year 2004/2005 by merging two colleges:  the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the College of Sciences. This also resulted in the merging of some departments within the College.  At the time, the new College comprised 9 departments and one program for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. In the academic year 2006/2007 the International Affairs Program was launched, followed by the Environmental Sciences Program in 2007/2008. In 2009/2010 the Social Work program was reactivated after being frozen for a few years.

Currently, the College serves 6541 students, 4136 enrolled in Arts majors and 2405 In Sciences majors. Furthermore, the numbers of faculty members in the College stands currently around 390.

CAS seeks to deliver a solid foundation of diverse knowledge and skills, which prepares students for multiple professional careers and enhances their potential contribution to society. Moreover, in keeping with the philosophy of liberal education, QU initiated the system of the core curriculum for the purpose of providing students with extensive breadth of knowledge and the opportunity for informed choices of specializations.  More than 50% of the core curriculum courses offered from college of Arts and sciences departments and programs.

CAS has been serving the Qatari community in various domains, such as offering consultations, suggesting solutions for numerous problems, and contributing to culture and the intellectual scene by holding conferences, symposiums, and public lectures.