CAS Strategic Plan 2013-2016
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Last modified: July 08, 2015 10:03:46.



Maximize student success in becoming competent graduates by providing high quality education

  1. Support the fulfillment of the Qatar 2030 National Vision by establishing academic programs based on the needs of a knowledge based society and global trend towards interdisciplinary education
  2. Enhance student employability by ensuring alignment of program curricula with changing market needs
  3. Promote student professional development and employability
  4. Enhance the quality of teaching and learning in academic programs
  5. Benchmark academic programs to produce competent graduates
  6. Enhance the teaching and learning process by integrating approaches to e-learning where possible
  7. Students are able to develop and apply research skills within their Capstone or Research Project
  8. Recruit more students to applicable science programs
  9. Adopt a systematic recruitment process to be used uniformly within the College to recruit high quality faculty and staff
  10. Increase the number of quality Qataris joining CAS for academic careers
  11. Enrich the student experience by developing extra-curricula student activities and clubs
  12. Enrich the student experience by providing a range of study abroad opportunities for students

Address contemporary challenges and advance knowledge through quality research

  1. Increase the number of funded research grants and diversity sources of funding in alignment with QU research strategy
  2. Implement and integrate system/approach to ensure quality recruitment of faculty and staff
  3. Establish new interdisciplinary Centers that pool research expertise and resources for enhanced research productivity and academic standing which are in alignment with existing and planned graduate programs
  4. Ensure a high quality graduate teaching and learning by implementing measures to ensure the quality of existing graduate programs
  5. Support the fulfillment of the Qatar 2030 National Vision by establishing graduate programs based on the needs of a knowledge based society
  6. Engage in research collaborations based on a strategic framework
  7. Enhance interdisciplinary opportunities in CAS priority research areas
  8. Enhance research productivity whilst emphasizing quality metrics and impact of research outcomes

Integrate Qatar University with the community to support social, economic and cultural development

  • Nurture an external relations strategy that focuses on national visibility
  • Implement curricula and extra-curricula activities which promote Qatari heritage and culture
  • Provide opportunities to the community for intellectual engagement

Provide effective and efficient support environment and facilities to the University community

  • Promote operational effectiveness through enhancement of CAS policies and procedures
  • Implement professional development training programs for all administrative support staff and faculty-administrators
  • Build new and upgrade existing research labs to meet current and projected needs and requirements of faculty and students
  • Enhance operational effectiveness through implementing an integrated resources planning system