Office of Central Business Services
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Last modified: March 15, 2016 12:22:50.


The office of Central Business Services is responsible for:

  1. All financial issues and processes in the College of Arts and Sciences at Qatar University.
  2. Administer the budget of the college under the supervision of the Dean and help individual College units with all budget related issues.
  3. Supervise the provision of College needs for administrative requirements, educational & training materials and equipment, in accordance with the requirements of all CAS offices and departments.
  4. Coordinate with the Office of the VP for Administrative and Financial Affairs on all matters related to the needs of the College and the process of its financial and administrative dealings, the maintenance of its facilities and the implementation of the contracts of services offered to it.
  5. Cooperate with other members of the Dean’s Office on issues that relate to their area of jurisdiction.
  6. Perform any additional duties related to administration and finance as assigned by the Dean.

Our Promise

We genuinely care about the work that we do and therefore:

  1. We will own and immediately resolve all issues that we receive.
  2. We will anticipate all administrative or financial needs & requirements of all CAS departments and will respond accordingly.
  3. We will deliver what we promise.

Our Motto

Continuous improvement