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Last modified: August 31, 2015 13:37:18.


Center Overview

In 1987, the College of Humanities - Department of Arabic Language established the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Center, which offers a year-long intensive Arabic-language course for foreign students organized and managed by a committee of specialized academic staff.

The Arabic for Non-Native Speakers course lasts one academic year, which comprises two semesters. The Center aims to teach Arabic and to introduce students to Arab and Islamic history and literature, and Qatari culture. After completing the course requirements, we hope that our students return home with open hearts, having aquired new language skills as well as a wealth of experience and memories of Qatari hospitality which they will treasure.

Students from as many as 30 different countries enroll in the Center each year. ANNS has received delegations from Georgetown University, Duke University, the American University in Cairo, Jakarta Government University, Kiev University, the Islamic Foundation of the United Kingdom, the Russian Mufties Council, and the American, French, and Vietnamese Embassies in Qatar. The Center grants full scholarships to forty students from around the world which include tuition, textbooks, accomodation and full board in the Qatar University dormitories, and a round-trip air-ticket to their home country under the condition of completing the Center requirements. Students are also encouraged to apply for Qatar University financial aid in the amount of 500 QR per month upon their arrival in Doha. Upon finishing their coursework, students receive diplomas stating the level of Arabic study they completed and their final overall grade in both Arabic and English .

To extend the opportunity to study in the Center to students already living in Qatar who do not receive the scholarship, a paying Center for local residents has been established in parallel to the scholarship Center.

The Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Center aims to:

  1. Offer Arabic language courses to non-Native speakers who have been admitted to the University of Qatar. The duration of the course is one academic year, however the paid program can be extended up to three years, which enables student to cover all six offered proficiency levels.

  2. Offer Arabic courses to non-Arabs who join the University of Qatar as recipients of study grants and need to master Arabic before enrolling in a college or program of their choice.

  3. Prepare and develop programs and curricula for teaching Arabic to non-Native speakers.

  4. Offer specialized courses to be taught in groups catering to participants’ individual learning needs and intellectual and professional interests.

  5. Promote interaction with other universities, institutes, and research centers that focus on teaching Arabic to non-Native speakers in the areas of research studies and teaching methodologies.

  6. Assess performance and learning outcomes in the light of international norms and criteria concerning teaching foreign languages to non-Native speakers.

  7. Equipe foreign would-be-teachers of Arabic with up-to-date methodology that would help them teach Arabic to non-Native speakers or use Arabic in their respective countries.

  8. Offer training to foreign Arabic language teachers.

Proficiency Levels

The Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Center offers six levels of Arabic study: Beginner 1 and 2, Intermediate 1 and 2, and Advanced 1 and 2. Students focus on language functions and communication skills, including listening comprehension, speaking, reading, writing and appreciation of language patterns, in an interactive atmosphere. Intermediate and Advanced students are offered specialized courses such as Media Arabic, Modern Arabic Literature, and Classic Arabic Literature. Student in the Beginner level should register minimum 10 credit hours per term, while for intermediate and advanced levels the minimum credit hours to register is 11 per term..
The Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Center conducts its courses in multimedia classrooms equipped with computers, LED projectors, and sound systems. Students are encouraged to participate in University activities to help them improve their language skills. The Center also encourages students to visit interesting places in Qatar and acquaint themselves with Arab lifestyles and traditions. One academic trip in Qatar takes place each month in order to introduce students to the country.
The Center gives advanced students the opportunity to attend lectures in the Departments of Arabic language, Humanities, and the College of Shari'a. In addition, advanced students have the opportunity to continue their studies in the Arabic Language Department at Qatar University, potentially terminating in the award of a Baccalaureate degree in Arabic language. All ANNS students are encouraged to use the Qatar University Library with its extensive collection of Arabic-language literature, poetry, literary criticism, and periodicals, the Educational Technology Library, and the University’s technological facilities.


The Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Center attracts a diversity of candidates, for example:

  1. Non-Arab teachers working in the field of Arabic and Islamic studies in their respective countries who wish to further enhance their language and Islamic studies;

  2. Non-Arab students who have received study grants and wish to join a college at the University of Qatar;

  3. Non-Arab university students interested in gaining language fluency in an intensive program to further expand their studies of culture, politics, and religion, in the Arab world;

  4. Members of Western Diplomatic Corps wishing to improve their Arabic communicative skills;

  5. Members of the expatriate community in Qatar wishing to learn Arabic for social and communicative purposes and are able to commit to 20 hours of language study per week;

  6. Foreign instructors at Qatar University wishing to learning Arabic to communicate with their Arab colleagues and students.


Eligibility Requirements

All applicants must meet the following minimum criteria:

  1. To have minimum of a high school diploma.

  2. To be between 18 and 40 years of age.

  3. Not to be granted a scholarship to study in the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Center previously.

  4. Must have at least basic knowledge of Arabic language (Modern Standard Arabic). Good command of alphabet is essential.

  5. Should be able to communicate either in English or Arabic with the administration of the university and the university community.


Placement Tests

Students are required to take a placement test to determine their level. The placement test is administered by ANNS faculty at the beginning of each academic year.

Scholarship Terms

Students admitted to the scholarship program will be provided with:

  1. A round-trip ticket from their home-country to Doha.

  2. Furnished university accommodation (Note: this does NOT include housing for the students family if he or she is married or has children).

  3. Full board which includes three meals per day, as well as coffee, tea, and a vairety of cold drinks.

  4. Transportation between university accommodation and campus.

  5. All textbooks and course materials