Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Center
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Last modified: May 24, 2017 09:58:11.


The center aims to advance the communication skills of its participants in Modern Standard Arabic; listening, reading, writing and speaking. Along with the mutual respect between the Arabic and other cultures.

History, evolution and objectives:

The center was founded as an academic unit within the Arabic Language Department by University regulation 7, enacted by the University President in 1986. The center has since served over 600 students representing more than 50 nationalities. Beginning in the Academic Year 2006-07, the center has operated as its own Department, independent of the Arabic Language Department, and has developed its own mission, vision, and objectives as follows:

  • To contribute to the continuing dialogue between nations and world cultures and to foster tolerance and open interaction among them.
  • To promote the Arabic language and to provide students with opportunities to learn about the role of Arabic in human history and the development of modern society.


In teaching Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), the center uses the communicative language approach, which includes the use of multimedia with a focus on the variety of the language used throughout the Arabic speaking world, especially in print and electronic media, and in educational and academic settings, as well as other aspects of daily life. The center offers a number of courses designed to develop all skills; i.e. listening, speaking, reading, writing, media Arabic, modern literature, and classical literature. In addition to formal classes, the center organizes monthly excursions and cultural activities around Doha where Arabic is used. Trips to museums, the Al Jazeera television studios, and recreation sites are an integral part of the center. Student participation in these curricular and extracurricular activities links the language acquired in class to the larger Qatari and Arab contexts.


The Center employs a number of full-time Qatar University faculty with academic credentials and varied experience in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. Classes are small, with an average of 10-15 students in the Beginning and Intermediate levels, and approximately 10 in the Advanced level.


Students in the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Center come from extremely diverse backgrounds. Some seek Arabic language skills for the religious reasons, while others maintain a cultural or academic interest in Arabic. The center serves future scholars, teachers of Arabic and the Islamic Sciences, journalists, diplomats, employees of Non-Governmental Organizations or cultural centers, and many others. Each year, number of ANNS students are accepted into other departments at Qatar University upon completion of the Center, including Arabic Language, Computer Science, and Business. The center maintains associations and agreements with public and private sector organizations throughout the world to admit a limited number of students nominated by these organizations including Institutes and Universities, Embassies, Islamic Organizations and others: Kyiv National University, Al Jamia Al Islamiyya (Kerala), University of Darussalam (Indonesia), Jakarta Government University (Malaysia), University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Sakarya University (Turkey), Marmara University (Turkey), Russian Mufti's Council, Hifzul Quran Organization (Ghana), The Islamic Foundation UK, Vietnam Embassy, etc.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Maryia Hres - Coordinator for the students affairs (E-mail:; Office Tel: +974 4403 4591)

Ms. Suhad Abdl Rahman - Center Administrator (E-mail:; Office Tel: +974 4403 4584)