Biological Sciences / Chemistry
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Last modified: December 24, 2014 10:28:53.

Credit hours (CH) for graduation: 120 Credit Hours

Major Preface:

The Biological and Environmental Sciences Department offers a major in Biological Sciences to fulfill the requirements for B.Sc. degree offered by College of Arts and Sciences in Qatar University. The department also offers a minor in Biological Sciences to non-Biology candidates. 

Biological Science major encompasses the basic organismal structure and functions, ecology and molecular Biology, as well as environmental biology, biotechnology, and genetic engineering.    It embodies the basic aspects of theoretical and practical training and reflects development and advancement witnessed in biology.

The program targets modernization and excellence, and endeavors to achieve standards reached by renowned international institutions. It envisages training and graduation of biologists capable of effective contribution to the economic and technological development of the community and the country at large.

On the successful completion of the program, graduates are adequately trained to become capable of starting careers in a wide range of technological and environmental related fields including industry, health services, environmental planning and management or agriculture and veterinary sectors. B.Sc. holders also gain enough qualification for further studies at the post-graduate level, or training in advanced laboratory and research techniques.


The Program in Biological Science has 8 semester curriculum (4years).
The curriculum consists of a set off compulsory and elective courses in Biology with a minor in chemistry.


The major in biological sciences aims to:

  • Develop an understanding of the principles of biological sciences.
  • Provide students with intensive laboratory and field experiences
  • Carry out basic and applied research in biological sciences
  • Enhance student abilities to communicate effectively in biological issues.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the biological sciences major will be able:

  1. To define structure and function of organisms.
  2. To describe the interactions between organisms and their environments.
  3. To use instrumentation and proper techniques in biological sciences research correctly
  4. To engage in critical thinking on problem solving activities on a biological topic.
  5. To demonstrate proficiency by giving concise, clear and organized written communication about a biological concept.
  6. To demonstrate proficiency in oral communication by giving concise, clear and organized oral presentations on a biological topic.