Molecular Biology Lab
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Last modified: June 14, 2015 16:13:17.

Molecular Biology Lab 1

118 SC - Women's Science Building 

This is a four-bench teaching lab for a maximum of fifteen students working in groups (3 students per group) at a time.

The lab is equipped with various equipment such as:
1- Real time PCR (2 machines)
2- Thermo-cyclers (1 machine)
3- vertical and horizontal electrophoresis devices
4- DNA gel documentation system
5- refrigerated micro-centrifuge (max speed 14000 rpm)
6- spectrophotometers
7- water baths
8- (-20 C) refrigerator, and 4-8 C refrigerator
9- autoclave
10- double water distiller
11- hood
12- micropipettes (30 sets)
13- microwave oven
14-10 ml tube centrifuge
15- micro-centrifuge (room temp; max speed 10000 rpm)
16- ependorf tubes
17- racks, tips, etc…

Kits were received regularly once every year as they  must be included in the departmental budget. Chemicals are available for running manual methods.

This lab receives at least three to four sessions of Molecular Biology students per semester, each session with 12 students.( Biological, Nutrition & biomedical students). In addition, two groups of genetic engineering students every Fall. The lab is also used by research project students.

Molecular Biology Lab 2 

119 SC - Women's Science Building

This is a tow-bench Research Lab for a maximum of 12 students working in groups (4 students per group) at a time.