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Last modified: May 30, 2016 13:57:45.


Chemistry  Program

The Program offers a BSc degree in chemistry as a major and geology as a minor. The study plan offers courses in different fields of chemistry (physical, organic, inorganic, analytical and biochemistry). It  provides the students with the necessary tools for future careers in teaching, environmental studies, local industries and other chemistry-related fields. Having geology as a minor, students study courses in natural resources, environmental planning, oceanography, geophysics, and other earth science specialties. It prepares students to be geoscientists capable of solving scientific and social programs, and to develop intellectual capabilities to conceptualize, abstract, and analyze geologic programs.  


  • Admission Requirements
    Pass minimum 9 credit hours including CHEM101 with a minimum GPA 2.0 
  •  List of Chemistry Courses With Prerequisites /Corequisites

  • Study plan road map