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Last modified: May 18, 2014 10:30:06.

Department of Arabic Language
The Department of Arabic Language trains specialists in spoken and written Arabic, providing students with essential expert knowledge and experience in Arabic linguistics, literature, and criticism. The department currently offers a BA in Arabic Language.

Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences
The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences offers four programs of study, two Graduate Programs of respectively PhD in Biological & Environmental Sc. and M. Sc. in Environmental Sc. and two Undergraduate Programs of respectively B.Sc. in Biological Sc. and B.Sc. in Environmental Sc. The PhD in Biological & Environmental Sc., started in Fall 2013,  provides students with the most advanced research skills enabling them to carry out research independently, publishing and showing innovations and creativity. The M. Sc. in Environmental Sc., started in Fall 2011, is an accredited (CHES-UK) program dedicated to the graduation of professionals and researchers who are committed to the development of a sustainable environment for Qatar. The Program of BSc in Biological Sc. covers the basic structures and functions of living organisms, ecology and molecular biology, as well as environmental biology, environmental management and conservation, biotechnology and genetic engineering. The BSc in Environmental Sc. is an accredited (CHES-UK) and interdisciplinary program offered in Qatar, providing the region with capable environmental specialists, with specialization in either Biotechnology or Marine Sciences respectively.

Department of Chemistry & Earth Sciences
The Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences provides students with a specialized degree-oriented program in Chemistry in addition to service courses in Geology and Marine Science. It offers courses in the different fields of chemistry (physical, organic, inorganic, analytical, and biochemistry). It currently offers a BSc in Chemistry.

Department of English Literature and Linguistics
The Department equips students with the linguistic and cognitive skills necessary to use English efficiently and creatively in various contexts, as well as with general analytical and critical thinking skills. It offers a BA in English Language & Literature.

Department of Health Sciences
The Department of Health Sciences currently offers two programs: Biomedical Sciences and Human Nutrition Sciences. The Biomedical Program, in its fifth year of accreditation by the NAACLS, offers the fundamentals of human disease in addition to procedures allowing students to characterize and differentiate diseases through laboratory investigation and analysis. The Human Nutrition Program emphasizes basic sciences (chemistry, physics, etc.) along with new technologies, and the changing dynamics of the nutrition fields. It offers a BSc in Biomedical Sciences and a BSc in Human Nutrition Sciences.

Department of Humanities
The Department of Humanities offers two programs: Geography and Urban Planning, and History, with service courses in Philosophy. The Geography and Urban Planning Program provides courses in urban and regional planning and courses in supported techniques. The History Program offers courses in three different fields: Ancient History, Islamic History, and Modern and Contemporary History. Philosophy courses currently include Introduction to Philosophy, Critical Thinking, and Logic and Methodology. The department offers a BA in Geography and Urban Planning, and a BA in History.

Department of International Affairs
This interdisciplinary Department prepares its graduates to thrive in an increasingly interdependent global community. While the program focuses on history, political science, philosophy, economics, globalization and international relations, students are encouraged to tailor their program study to fit their individual needs. Graduates will be ready for further study or careers in sectors such as foreign affairs, government, media, politics, business, law and education. It offers a degree of BA in International Affairs.

Department of Mass Communication
The Department of Mass Communication equips students with high level qualifications and a sophisticated familiarity of the uses of modern communication for media cadres. It provides three specializations: Print and Online Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, and Public Relations & Advertising, with a BA in Mass Communication.

Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Physics
The department currently offers students a degree program in Statistics, and service courses in Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics, with a concentration on applied statistics along with introductory probability and mathematical statistical courses. It offers a BSc in Statistics.

Department of Social Sciences
The Department of Social Sciences offers two programs: Sociology and Social Work. The Sociology Program focuses on a social and cultural approach to human phenomena ranging from face-to-face interaction in small groups to the structure of modern world systems. These include historical emergence, stabilization and disintegration of institutions, practices and symbolic forms, stratification and mobility, demographic change, globalization, war and violence, human rights, health, labor and ethnic relations, media, education, family life and planning, ecology and environment, political behavior, development, religion and more. It offers a degree of BA in Social Sciences.

Sport Science Program
The Sport Science Program offers a Bachelor (B.Sc.) Degree and provides a comprehensive coursework and field experience that will educate its students for professions in a broad scope of sports business, exercise and fitness enterprises, and educational institutions. The Program is differentiated in three optional concentrations: Sport Management, Exercise and Fitness and Physical Education.