Department of English Literature and Linguistics
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Last modified: September 06, 2016 10:57:31.

Welcome to the Department of English Literature & Linguistics (DELL) at Qatar University

If you are fascinated by the beauty of the English novel, poetry, or drama, OR you are passionate about the structure, function and processing of day-to-day language, this program is an ideal choice for you.

We have designed a very unique and challenging undergraduate program that brings together close reading of English literature and the scientific study of languages. We do this by offering introductory courses in both literature and linguistics to all students in the major. At the end of the freshmen year, students are able to decide whether their interests, skills, and talents are better suited for a career in literature or linguistics. They then take a required number of courses in the chosen concentration from a variety of carefully designed sub-specialties in either literature or linguistics.

In addition to a major in English, DELL offers two popular minors: one in English and one in Translation. We have also recently launched a minor in French, and another minor in Spanish is planned to start in January 2017.

Many of our English majors have the opportunity to minor in Mass Communication, International Affairs, Business and Philosophy, among others. Through a smart combination of concentrations and minors, we enhance our students’ knowledge and help them develop the skills necessary to make them competitive in the present-day job market.

Explore the DELL website to learn more about our programs, and feel free to email us or stop by if you have any questions.