Linguistics in the Gulf-3
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Last modified: May 18, 2014 18:29:55.

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The Department of English Literature and Linguistics in the College of Arts and Sciences at Qatar University is pleased to announce its third conference on “Linguistics in the Gulf” to be held on March 6-7, 2011.
The Conference aims to achieve the following objectives 
  • Provide a common platform for scholars who are engaged in linguistic research in the region
  • Promote the study of language in the region
  • Emphasize the importance of linguistic research and of linguistics as a scientific field
  • Address new problematics facing researchers in the linguistics of the region while contextualizing the discussion within broader historical and theoretical perspectives
  • Bring researchers from the region and abroad to a productive exchange of ideas, debates and reflections on current and future developments in the science of language and in their respective areas of interest and scholarship.