Monographs Series
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    Last modified: March 28, 2016 12:06:25.

    Gulf Studies Center Monographic Series

    The Gulf Monographic Series is aimed to improve publication portfolio of the Center, and provide opportunities for affiliated faculty and students as well and reputed non-affiliated scholars to publish in coordination with the center.

    Responsible for the series:
    Dr. Luciano Zaccara, Research Assistant Professor in Gulf Politics, Gulf Studies Center, Qatar University.
    The monographic series is double blind peer reviewed by experts on the field selected by the Gulf Monographic Center editorial board. Authors may be asked to include changes or amend texts before their manuscript is considered for publication.
    If accepted, a final proofreading will be done by the Center. Submission are accepted in English and Arabic, and the Center reserves the right to translate and publish any article on its website.
    In order to have your paper submission considered, authors are kindly asked to provide a short bio as well as contact details. 
    For submissions please send an email to this address:
    All articles published by the Gulf Studies Center website reflect the opinion and views of the author, and are not endorsed by, and do not reflect the views of the Center, the College of Arts and Sciences or Qatar University.
    Published Monographs
    N°1 December 2015

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