Amr Osman
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Assistant Professor
PhD, Princeton U., 2010
Office Tel: (+974) 4403-4744
Curriculum Vitae                                                                                     

Dr Amr Osman is Assistant Professor of Islamic History in the Department of Humanities at Qatar University. He earned his PhD from the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University in 2010. His research interests include the intellectual history of Islam as well as modern and contemporary Arab politics and thought. His first book, The Ẓāhirī Madhhab (3rd/9th­–10th/16th Century): A Textualist Theory of Islamic Law, examines the history and doctrine of a medieval school of Islamic law, engaging with modern scholarship on ‘literalism’ and ‘textualism’. He has published peer-reviewed articles in both Arabic and English on the history of the redaction of the Qur’an, Muslim theology, the media and the Egyptian revolution (the real one, in 2011), global history, and the relevance of early Islamic history to modern politics in Muslim countries. He has also translated Wael Hallaq’s The Impossible State: Islam, Politics, and Modernity’s Moral Predicament into Arabic.

Dr Osman teaches a wide variety of courses, including Introduction to History, Historiography, History of the Muslim World, Islamic Civilization, and Capstone.