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Last modified: October 03, 2015 01:48:30.

The International Affairs Program at Qatar University offers a multidisciplinary program at the undergraduate level which provides students with tools to understand the major components that shape today’s world and the theoretical knowledge and practical ability to pursue careers in the international arena. Established in 2006, IAP is at the forefront in gearing students for leadership roles with multinationalimplications.

The International Affairs Edge

  • Trains students to understand international issues, while maintaining distinct Qatari values;

  • Provides students with transferable skills that will prepare them for leadership positions in a variety of different careers;

  • A specialized program built on the resources of a large university, and strengthened by the close mentorship and support of a strong community of  students, faculty and staff;

  • All the advantages of Qatar University, the largest university in Qatar, including the flexibility to choose electives from other departments according to student interest;

  • Superior communication skills, including proficiency in English and other languages.

Renowned Faculty

The program boasts an internationally-renowned scholars in critical fields among its regular faculty and visiting professors specialized in various disciplines included in the program. Please visit Faculty and Staff page.

Student Activities

IAP takes learning beyond the classroom. Numerous conferences, seminars, workshops and lectures serve as an integral part of the academic experience. In addition, study-abroad opportunities, internships and field trips in Qatar and abroad enrich individual development.


The medium of instruction for the B.A. in International Affairs is in Arabic.

Admissions Criteria

The International Affairs Program is a selective program based on the highest academic standards.  Annually 90 female students and 45 male students are enrolled in the program.  All students must have a grade point average of at least 75% .