Department of Mass Communication
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Last modified: May 28, 2015 12:06:41.

The Department of Mass Communication is poised to become a vibrant center for mass communication and journalism education, not only in the State of Qatar, but in the Gulf region and the entire Arabic world. This aspiration is not without foundation. The MC Program has already restructured its academic plan to enable the department to obtain accreditation, and raise the standard of its curriculum to the level of leading and world class journalism and communication schools, thus putting itself on equal grounds with famous international centers of communication education.

Through curricular, extra-curricular, and internship activities, the Department will help students build a broad understanding of the role of our discipline in society. The Mass Communication program will provide students with a well rounded understanding of the field of Mass Communication while allowing for the acquisition of an in-depth understanding of one area of specialization such as Print/Online Journalism, Strategic Communication, and Broadcast/ Online Journalism.