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Last modified: October 31, 2017 07:56:29.



The Department of Mass Communication of the College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University will be recognized as a national leader in preparing undergraduate students for successful mass communication -related careers. Through curricular, extra-curricular, and internship activities, the department will help students build a broad understanding of the role of the discipline in society. The mass communication program will provide students with a well-rounded understanding of the field of mass communication while allowing for the acquisition of an in-depth understanding of one of the three areas of specialization: Print/Online Journalism, Broadcast/online Journalism and Strategic Communication. 


The Mass Communication program strives to respond to the aspirations of the state of Qatar as a vibrant global media hub by providing up-to-date curriculum which reflects the pace of advances in the field of mass media. The program creates a student-centered bilingual learning environment that merges the practical with the theoretical. Students develop their critical thinking abilities and acquire professional competencies by engaging in a hands-on, technologically attuned learning environment which addresses the needs of the mass media industries in the region. The department educates and trains students from the Middle East and beyond in the areas of print and online journalism, broadcast and online journalism, and strategic communication. The faculty and students engage in research, professional development, creative and service activities for the benefit of the multicultural societies in the region.