Graduation & Career Opportunities
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Last modified: May 28, 2015 10:33:56.


Graduation Information (Fall 2012-Spring 2013)


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Graduat Students ( Fall 2012-Spring 2013)  By Gender

Gender Term  
 Fall 2012Spring 2013 
Male 57
Female 1133

Total Number of graduate students in Fall 2012-Spring 2013 by specialization:

Total Number of Graduate students 2012-2013 by specialization     
TermJournalismStrategic Communiation Broadcast  
Fall 2012088 
Spring 201371518 
Total 72326 


 Internship Information

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Senior graduate satisfaction Survey (2013)

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Career Opportunities:

Mass Communications Department graduates take many career paths. Besides working as reporters, editors, sports writers on newspapers, our graduates may land their first jobs with national, regional and local magazines, radio/television, media advertising, and public relations job opportunities. Mass Communications Department graduates can work for advertising agencies, for marketing departments of major corporations in the fast growing Gulf region, for sales departments of media organizations and in many other ancillary jobs in marketing.
Mass Communication graduates may find jobs in radio and broadcast or cable television in news production. Besides finding employment at television and radio stations, our graduates are trained in writing and producing videos for documentation purposes and for public relations clients, working in industrial and corporate communications.
Integrated into all these professional options is the study and practice of skills, techniques, theories and aesthetics our graduates will need to succeed in an ever changing field of Mass Communication. Mass Communication students will learn the tried-and-true mass communication basics as well as media techniques needed to excel in this brave new globally interconnected world.

Students' Affairs department has also a career service center that  supports QU and MCOM mission through educating, motivating and assisting Students (current or fresh graduate) to complete the process of career exploration and achieve successful graduate employment..

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