Statistics Program
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Last modified: June 02, 2015 13:31:50.

The Statistics Program at the University of Qatar is oriented towards applications. The current program offers a major in statistics which concentrates on applied statistics along with some introductory probability and mathematical statistics courses. The curriculum is designed to provide students with skills, expertise, and proficiency in data analysis. In addition, the program enhances the student’s logical and rational thinking through studying a set of mathematics courses. Moreover, the student is provided with update knowledge in computer programming and computer science. Coping with the reforming process at the University of Qatar, which encourages interdisciplinary programs the program offers two undergraduate major/ minor plans. The student can either choose computer science as his minor or business. Also, the student is given a chance to concentrate on an area of application of his interest such as sociology, biomedical science, and others. 

Finally, the Program offers a minor in statistics that is open for all students from other departments within the college or even from other colleges.Academic advisors are committed to help the students plan their course work. Also, modern computer laboratories, equipped with a wide range of statistical software, are available for class instruction and for students’ use outside of class at the Men’s and Women’s campuses.