Press Releases
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Last modified: May 18, 2017 11:53:12.
Faculty and students from the DCES and QU-CAS participated in the 254th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society09-Nov-2017
Registration for the MA and PhD in Gulf Studies announced15-Jan-2017
CAS holds symposium on trending politics in the ME29-Dec-2016
CAS celebrates World Arabic Language Day29-Dec-2016
CSD holds conference on food and water security in the region 15-Dec-2016
GSC hosts symposium on sport for development in the region 15-Dec-2016
CAS lecture discusses the inclusion of Muslim civilization in science courses08-Dec-2016
CAS hosts First World Congress on Undergraduate Research 201617-Nov-2016
CAS hosts 3rd annual “Support, Opportunity, Success Symposium”27-Oct-2016
CAS hosts conference on ancient languages in the Arabian Peninsula27-Oct-2016
CAS student wins the Regional Winner award of UA 2016 Programme16-Oct-2016
GSC holds conference on transformational changes in the ME06-Oct-2016
CAS holds Greek Studies Day29-May-2016
1st Gulf Studies Student Symposium held22-May-2016
CAS students visit Tokyo and Kyoto12-May-2016
CAS, Lund University sign collaborative agreement25-Apr-2016
CAS progress outlined in Advisory Board meeting25-Apr-2016
CAS holds ISAFA 2016 closing ceremony07-Apr-2016
CAS, Katara Hospitality sign collaborative agreement07-Apr-2016
CAS, Total sign collaborative agreement06-Apr-2016
CAS holds ISAFA 2016 event27-Mar-2016
CAS hosts anime workshop10-Mar-2016
CAS Chemistry Program awarded 5-year accreditation renewal10-Mar-2016
Gulf Studies Center forum discusses US presidential elections25-Feb-2016
QUBRC hosts seminar25-Feb-2016
Students, faculty awarded at 2016 GPCA Plastics Excellence Awards14-Feb-2016
Biomedical sciences Masters students present Thesis I projects 21-Jan-2016
SEHHA (Science Education and Human Health Activities), the 4th cycle 21-Jan-2016
CAS, Durham University sign collaborative agreement14-Jan-2016
CAS hosts 9th Life Sciences Symposium14-Jan-2016
BRC faculty shine at World Stem Cell Summit03-Jan-2016
CAS holds workshop on conservation and management of ecosystem16-Dec-2015
CAS students translated Yeats 13-Dec-2015
CAS, DIFI sign collaborative agreement13-Dec-2015
MERS Corona Virus & H1N1 the topic of CAS campaign03-Dec-2015
CAS holds HealthyLiving campaign 03-Dec-2015
Workshop held on dugong preservation03-Dec-2015
BRC holds workshops on scientific research26-Nov-2015
CAS, QDVC sign collaborative agreement12-Nov-2015
Breast Cancer Day celebrated05-Nov-2015
CAS hosts conference on research in humanities and social sciences 29-Oct-2015
Conference held on global trends and prospects in mass communication29-Oct-2015
CAS hosts conference on salt tolerance25-Oct-2015
CAS, Global EnerTec sign collaborative agreement 25-Oct-2015
CAS symposium highlights student internships and success15-Oct-2015
CAS, KU sign collaborative agreement01-Oct-2015
Agreement between CAS and QHIC17-Sep-2015
ANNS Center welcomes 70 students17-Sep-2015
New faculty welcomed at CAS17-Sep-2015
CAS hosts reception at Cambridge University10-Sep-2015
CAS, HITC-HMC sign collaborative agreement 20-Aug-2015
CAS hosts workshop on microalgal technologies and applications09-Jul-2015
Students spread joy and charity05-Jul-2015
GSC forum discusses Islam-West relations and challenges31-May-2015
MSc programs in Public Health, Applied Statistics launched 24-May-2015
Gulf Studies Center hosts forum on GCC progress 30-Apr-2015
CAS progress outlined in Advisory Board meeting16-Apr-2015
CAS hosts 5th conference on Linguistics in the Gulf05-Apr-2015
CAS/PHCC collaboration established 29-Mar-2015
Global radicalism the topic of CAS forum22-Mar-2015
CAS researcher collaborates on study of tiger heredity 22-Mar-2015
Safety Awareness Week at CAS08-Mar-2015
Japanese cultural traditions showcased 08-Mar-2015
New PhD program launched at CAS08-Mar-2015
CAS, University of Copenhagen sign MOU22-Feb-2015
2-day leadership workshop held at CAS29-Jan-2015
13 Australian students complete ANNS program 18-Jan-2015
Effect of thymus vulgaris on C/R cancer08-Jan-2015
QULSS addresses molecular cancer research31-Dec-2014
World AIDS Day observance21-Dec-2014
Students engaged on Qatar-Turkey relations11-Dec-2014
Dialogue held on media reporting of Qatar 202204-Dec-2014
CAS engages young leaders on empowerment01-Dec-2014
DHS hosts Osaka University academic01-Dec-2014
New faculty members for Japanese studies welcomed23-Nov-2014
CAS chemistry students present winning research poster30-Oct-2014
Outreach on breast cancer awareness30-Oct-2014
CAS hosts top international sports congress 13-Oct-2014
Biomedical Sciences Program hosts SQU delegation13-Oct-2014
ANNS program becomes a center21-Sep-2014
SEHHA 2nd cycle impacts 17 high school students21-Jul-2014
MassComm students share cultural interests with Boston College counterparts25-Jun-2014
Biomedical sciences students defend Masters theses25-Jun-2014
Students’ charity touches hearts and lives10-Jun-2014
CAS students benefit from Japanese cultural trip05-May-2014
GCC roundtable summary published by Chatham House30-Apr-2014
Mammalogy expert contributes to study on modern lions' origins09-Apr-2014
Students engage on diplomacy and media with Dutch Ambassador09-Apr-2014
Environmental conservation workshop held27-Mar-2014
E-waste re-cycling campaign launched02-Mar-2014
Students engage in discussion with Ambassador of Singapore 02-Mar-2014
Students reveal findings on important health issues21-Jan-2014
Initiative to benefit high school students21-Jan-2014
Conference to be held on Interdisciplinarity in History21-Jan-2014
Arabic-language encyclopedia launched24-Dec-2013
Gulf Studies Center, National University of Singapore sign MOU24-Dec-2013
IA students engaged on US foreign policy in Egypt, Iran, and Syria24-Dec-2013
Symposium held to advance chemical sciences and research 22-Dec-2013
QULSS addresses Environmental Health Issues in the GCC22-Dec-2013
Gulf Studies Center holds roundtable on Citizenship and Law in the GCC 22-Dec-2013
Gulf Studies Center Examines Qatar’s position in the global gas market17-Nov-2013
QU Launches New PhD – Biological and Environmental Sciences11-Jun-2013
Accreditation Success for MassComm Department09-Jun-2013
ANNS Students Graduate09-Jun-2013
Students Showcase Talent in English Day 08-May-2013
Biomedical Sciences Students Achieve 2013 ASCP Student Honor Award 22-Apr-2013
Forum Focuses on Parenting and Child Welfare Research 09-Apr-2013
Students Engage with Chinese Ambassador in Lecture Q&A14-Mar-2013
Faculty achievement 06-Mar-2013
CAS students awarded at Annual Research Forum 06-Mar-2013
Doha schoolchildren engaged on water conservation and the environment27-Feb-2013
First student research conducted on Janan24-Feb-2013
Doha school students to participate in QU National Environment Day24-Feb-2013
Visit by Free University of Berlin official05-Feb-2013
Faculty achievement04-Feb-2013
Biomedical Sciences, Human Nutrition Students Present Poster Projects15-Jan-2013
Students Oriented on Sustainable Development08-Jan-2013
Students Inspired by Lecture on Sustainable Resource Development12-Dec-2012
Accreditation of CAS Environmental Sciences Programs Celebrated11-Dec-2012
Hedgehog Project Spotlighted at COP1810-Dec-2012
Students Participate in Lecture on Introduction to Islamic Ethics02-Dec-2012
QULSS to Focus on Biotechnology25-Nov-2012
Agreement Signed with Bulgarian Institution25-Nov-2012
QU awareness campaign for World Diabetes Day20-Nov-2012
CAS Students Win at QFRF04-Nov-2012
Sports Medicine Training for Human Nutrition, Sport Science Sudents09-Sep-2012
Master's in Biomedical Sciences Launched 19-Jul-2012
QU Celebrates CAS Accreditation Success27-Jun-2012
SSP Extra Day Attracts Talented Students 04-Jun-2012
Lecture Held on Euro-Gulf Cooperation24-May-2012
Literature & Linguistics Students Launch "Lantern"16-May-2012
Minor in Translation to Be Offered at CAS15-May-2012
Charity Begins at Home13-May-2012
Ambassador Discusses Pakistan-Qatar Ties09-May-2012
CAS Unveils 5 Upcoming Degrees, Achievements03-May-2012
CAS to Benefit from MOU with Marubeni Corporation01-May-2012
SSP University Volleyball Week a Success23-Apr-2012
Conference Focus on Uplifting Arabic Language and Identity22-Apr-2012
SSP Participates in Olympics Day09-Apr-2012
Students Present at World Tuberculosis Day29-Mar-2012
Literature and Linguistics Faculty Present Research 22-Mar-2012
International Affairs Students Express Their Views in High-level Lecture Session11-Mar-2012
CAS Students Benefit from Agreement with TOTAL11-Mar-2012
CAS Faculty Named Chair of Muslims in Dietetics & Nutrition01-Mar-2012
Partnership with HMC, Others in New Health System26-Feb-2012
MassComm Students Return from Successful Europe Trip 22-Feb-2012
CAS Professor Named to Qatar Top 50 Power List15-Feb-2012
MassComm Seniors Present Graduation Projects24-Jan-2012
English Lecturer Presents Latest Novel22-Jan-2012
Student Research Presented at Green Forum in Oman09-Jan-2012
Gulf Studies Master’s Program Spring Admissions in Progress 08-Jan-2012
CAS January 3 Open Day for Graduate Admissions01-Jan-2012
CAS Seminar Committee Hosts Top CERN Physicist22-Dec-2011
Faculty Kudos 21-Dec-2011
Humanities Professor Shares Top GCC Award15-Dec-2011
CAS Faculty Appointed to Prestigious Chair11-Dec-2011
End of International Year of Chemistry 2011 Celebrated08-Dec-2011
CAS Celebrates Dean’s List Honorees27-Nov-2011
Lecturer Is Internationally-acclaimed Author17-Nov-2011
CAS Faculty Coached on Writing Skills for Research Grant Proposals 25-Oct-2011