Office of the Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
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Last modified: September 13, 2017 13:16:29.


Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences research office. Research enables faculty to innovate, provide research opportunities to students, and seek solutions to societal challenges and needs. According, research is one of the most important pillars of Academic Excellence and the other two being Teaching and Community Engagement.  At the College of Arts and Sciences, we strive to continually develop and update research infrastructure, provide access to quality research resources in order for our faculty and students thrive and pursue discoveries at the cutting edge.  The College of Arts and Sciences encourages intra- and inter-institutional collaborations and fosters an entrepreneurial atmosphere to help move discoveries to the communities and marketplaces.  CAS brings together a large number of researchers from diverse fields/specialties, which can be leveraged to serve as model for interdisciplinary research excellence at Qatar University and the region.  Consequently capitalizing on the potential interdisciplinary synergies that exist within the College of Arts and Sciences is critical to harnessing the competitive advantages that lie in the “white spaces” between the disciplines.  The latter will enable focus and leverage our assets (human and infrastructure) to maximize cost-effectiveness and impact.

The College of Arts and Sciences is a melting-pot of talented faculty researchers with a global out-reach.  They are pursuing research in diverse areas such as humanities, social-, health-, environmental- and basic-sciences. The caliber of our researchers is reflected in our large and increasing portfolio of research grants and high-quality research publications.

The College of Arts and Sciences is positioned to achieve even greater research accomplishments in years to come as we strengthen the research infrastructure, streamline processes, align and refine our research priorities with those of Qatar 2030 national vision and Qatar National Development Strategy of 2011-16.  To achieve this we will be guided by the following strategic goals:
1.  Attract high caliber research faculty, retain and reward them.
2.  Prioritize, relocate, and set-up world-class core interdisciplinary research facilities.
3.  Achieve highly recognized and impactful research and encourage research projects that are in alignment with National Research Priorities.

To achieve these goals, we will:
1.  Engage faculty in strategic vision for research.
2.  Identify and implement interdisciplinary research initiatives.
3.  Strengthen interdisciplinary research portfolio.
4.  Enhance student research and experiential learning.
5.  Establish outreach/engagement mechanisms with stakeholders.
6.  Seek strategic research partnerships to maximize synergies and impact.

The College of Arts and Sciences is fully committed to providing best possible research infrastructure and working environment to enable excellence in research. 

Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed A I Alkaabi
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Ext: 4403 4848
Office Location: BCR C109