Department of Social Sciences
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Last modified: September 22, 2016 11:30:20.


Welcome Message from the Head of Department

The Department of Social Sciences is one of the largest departments of the College of Arts and Sciences. It is multi-disciplinary and offers specialty programs in Sociology, Psychology, and Social Work. At the moment, only female students can major in Sociology, Psychology, and Social Workbut aminor in Sociology is open to both male and female students. The Department prides itself for being a strong service program to the University of Qatar,with more than fifteen courses offered as part of the University Core Curriculum and course requirement for other university programs. The Department ofSocial Sciences is growing steadily and seeks to expand its undergraduate and graduate program offerings in the near future. The recent addition of the Psychology Program reflects the ambition of the Department and the College of Arts and Sciences.
The Department’s three academic programs offer students a stimulating and rich learning environment and provide them with ample opportunities for professional growth and development. Students who select one of our programs are prepared to access meaningful careers in their respective areas of specialty through a carefully designed curriculum including program-specific theoretical knowledge, research skills, hands-on experiences, practicums, internships, and other planned activities and extra-curricular events. Faculty of the Department come from diverse academic backgrounds and have complementary research expertise. Owing to its faculty, the Department continues to be widely visible and successful in terms of its research engagement and community outreach.


Dr. Abdulnasser Saleh Alyafei, PhD
Head of the Department of Social Sciences
Associate Professor of Social Work
College of Arts and Sciences
Qatar University