About Social Work Program
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Last modified: April 29, 2015 13:33:41.



The Department of Social Sciences shall become a leading department in the region, exemplifying the highest intellectual standards offered in leading universities throughout the world.


The Program's mission is to develop generalist social workers who will be critical and strategic thinkers, life-long learners and opinion shapers. The knowledge-base, skills, and values necessary for entry-level generalist social work practice will be taught in an environment that fosters sensitivity and integration of Qatari culture, professional ethics and values. Students will be prepared for leadership roles and to meet the challenges of a dynamic twenty-first century world. They will be especially trained to take appropriate action in their field guided by the best available scientific evidence and work ethics.


The objectives of the Social Work Program are driven by its mission of preparing students for entry-level generalist practice. These goals portray the meaning and purpose of professional generalist social workers, who must be able to practice effectively within any given person-in-the environment context.

The Social Work Program will prepare students to:

  • Develop an overview of social work as a profession historically, globally, and culturally.
  • Introduce a perspective on social work theoretical frameworks.
  • Provide perspective in social work on core values, social justice and ethics.
  • Develop a perspective on basic professional skills in social work.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the major, students will be able to:

  • Recognize the role of culture in the context of social work.
  • Recognize the roles of Ethics in social work practice.
  • Apply basic social work skills in practice.
  • Apply strategies to respond to local and global community socio economic needs.
  • Apply international sociological code of ethics.
  • Apply basic research skills to social work issues.
  • Develop effective communication skills important for social work practice.


Graduates from the Social Work Program have a number of employment opportunities in various private and public sector fields. From providing counselling supports in health settings and social agencies, to offering their skills and abilities through diverse roles in school settings, opportunities for the Social Work Degree program graduates continues to expand with the growing economic and social sector. There is also tremendous potential for graduates in the Social Work program to be employed in the oil and gas sector, as there is a demand for employee and human resource supports.

Social Work graduates are highly sought after in the current employment market in both the private and public sector. Currently, the Social Work Program has established internship opportunities with many social agencies, health service industry, and numerous Qatar Independent Schools (primary, junior high, and high school). The internship program in the Social Work Program offers potential recruiters to employ social work graduates. Hamad Medical Corporation, Family Consulting Centre, Qatar Foundation for Combatting Human Trafficking, Social Rehabilitation Centre (Al Aween), Qatar Foundation for Child and Women’s Protection, Qatar Foundation for Elderly, Care, Al Awsaj Academy, Social Rehabilitation Centre (Dar Al Inma), Zakat Fund, Ministry of Minority affairs and numerous Qatar Independent and Qatar Independent Model Schools presently provide social work students internship opportunities.