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Advisory Council
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Last modified: May 13, 2014 13:26:39.

Qatari Business Leaders Lend Expertise to Strategic College Mission

Responding to one of the critical drivers of it’s strategic plan, the CBE recently launched the Business Advisory Council under the direction of Dean Mohammad Najdawi.  After extensive research and interviews were conducted, twelve Business Leaders from the Qatari Economical, Financial, Governmental, Consulting, and Manufacturing most notable companies were invited to serve as charter members of the Council (See following list).   The Council determined that in order to fulfill its mandate to provide strategic guidance and advice to the College, it would convene on campus twice a year, once each semester.  Although still in its infancy, the CBE Business Advisory Council has made meaningful contributions to the Strategic direction of the College, among them:

  • Evaluation and critique of the CBE Strategic Plan;
  • Evaluation and critique of the CBE Curriculum Plans;
  • Identified emerging Business Trends would further enhance the learning environment in the college;
  • Supported the College’s internship program for students and faculty interested in different business functions;
  • Assisted faculty and administrators in developing relevant business curriculum;
  • Provided considerable help in developing a qualified adjunct faculty pool for various courses in business;

Played a crucial recruiting role for our MBA program.

Dean Nitham has been continually impressed by the commitment these busy executives have made to employ their experience to add value into the education of Qatar University business students, both undergraduate and graduate.  “The time demands on business executives are enormous these days. The College is very fortunate to have such a distinguished group willing to help us.