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Vision, Mission and Values
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Last modified: March 19, 2014 15:40:02.


  • To be the destination of excellence in education, scholarship, and practice in business and economics.


  • The College of Business and Economics at Qatar University is committed to offer high quality business programs that prepare students for successful careers in an increasingly complex and global environment.  To this end, the college attracts and retains talented faculty committed to excellence in teaching, to research that impacts practice and advances knowledge, and to community engagement. We pride ourselves with an environment that values diversity and respects local culture.


  • Innovation  – as a path to continuous improvement and excellence
  • Commitment – as the self-driving imperative for motivation
  • Engagement – as the manifestation of full involvement with our internal and external stakeholders
  • Integrity – as the guidance in all our activities
  • Collegiality – as the driver to excel in instruction, research, and service
  • Respect – as the bond with which we value diversity and local culture
  • Impact –as the substantiation of our contributions to the mission of Qatar University, the Qatar National Vision, and the good of the global community.