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Executive in Residence
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Last modified: May 13, 2014 11:05:50.


  1. Provide the CBE and Masters programs students with;
    1. Advanced, practical and interactive knowledge with direct exposure to all functions and segments of Qatar Business Community.

    2. Direct access to the national know-how and in-sight perspective on the status, direction, practices, opportunities, challenges, expectations and indicators of Qatar business sectors and companies.

    3. Excellent opportunity of building informative network and mutual business relationship with Qatar business and industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

  2. Promote and enhance the national role of Qatar University and; in particular, College of Business and Economics in building the future of Qatar through;

    1. Generation of resourceful and mature graduates who are appropriately positioned and well-equipped to serve Qatar, locally, regionally and globally.

    2. Position the CBE as the national and regional first-destination in attracting and building talents, capabilities and capacity.

    3. Position the CBE as the national business partner in advancing business practices through education, training and research.

    4. Provision of interactive platform to QU –CBE management and staff to better sense, comprehend, and positively respond to the needs, changes and opportunities that are constantly happening in the market economy. 

Areas of Interest

CBE Executive-in-residence is a round-table to explore and prospect through discussion and analysis of inter-related business issues and topics; such as:

Business: Strategic Management, Business Planning, Organization Development, Operation and Resources Management, Business Law, Mergers, Acquisitions, Startups, Expansions, Restructure, etc.

Functions: Business Development, Production, Marketing, Sales, Project Management, Information Technology, Human Resources Management, Finance, Accounting, Administration, Quality & Process Management, Governance, Audit, etc.

Sectors: Construction, Real Estate, ICT, Oil, Education, Service, Investment, Health, Manufacture, etc.


CBE Executive-in-residence is an interactive business forum held monthly. The executive-in-residence will spend about 3-4 hours at Qatar University’s College of Business and Economics, and will have a chance to present in front of students and to have a discussion with our faculty.  The outline and objectives of each session determine the format, setting and location.  Students are required to write one-page minimum summarizing the lessons learned from the session. The Lesson-Learned Report should be submitted before the start of the next session.

Typical Schedule One Day

Time Activity Location
9:00 AM Arrive to QU Campus Central Administration Building
9:00-9:15 AM Meet with Dr. Shaikha Al-Misnad, President of QU QU President Office
9:15-9:30 AM Meet with Dr. Sheikha Bint Jabor Al-Thani, Vice-President and Chief Academic Officer Central Administration Building
9:40-10:40 AM Meet with Female student Class Female Science Building
11:00–11:45 AM Meet with Male student Class College of Business and Economics – Second Floor
12:00 – 1:00 PM Lunch with Faculty Members College of Business and Economics – Second Floor