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Facilities and Resources
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Last modified: March 19, 2014 15:00:45.

Library and Research Facilities

The University Libraries are situated centrally on campus. They serve all our students with large number of volumes. In additions, extensive collections are available online. CBE faculty, staff and students have full use of all resources and services that the libraries offer. If material is unavailable in the library, it can be ordered through the procurement office. In addition, CBE has established a more specialized library on its own premises. The college library includes textbooks, specialized reports and journals, and on-line connection to the main libraries.

Computer Facilities

CBE has excellent computing facilities. Every faculty at CBE has a state-of-the-art laptop computer. In addition, there are 10 computer labs with 30 laptops each and 12 desktop computers in the CBE Library available for student use. 

CBE has a devoted IT support specialist. The IT support specialist provides assistance and computer support for faculty, staff and students during working hours. Additional, IT support can be obtained by phone [ 4403 3456 ] or email  [ ] to the university Helpdesk.

Technology Support

CBE has sufficient electronic resources for students and academic staff to support its programs and expectations of intellectual contributions.

Blackboard is utilized by all faculty members, where CBE students access course resources, submit assignments, view grades, access e-mail and other electronic learning resources. Ease of use and accessibility of off- campus technology have enabled increasing on-line learning opportunities. 

Every classrooms has smart technology with a projector, a computer, DVD/CD player and a sound system. The computer and projector enables faculty to interact with what is displayed on the computer screen and thus actively engage students in presentations.

Finally, most of the classrooms contain lecture capturing technology (ECHO 360) to automatically and reliably captures class lectures and converts them into video or rich media anytime, anywhere playback.

Two tiered classrooms have video conferencing technology to allow students to share and discuss in real time.