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Welcome to Accounting and Information Systems Department
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Last modified: March 08, 2017 13:40:29.

Department of Accounting and Information Systems offers both majors and minors in Accounting and Management Information Systems.

Accounting is commonly known as the language of business. Accounting provides the information needed by managers to make business decisions. Accounting generates information about a firm's resources, the sources of the resources, and how effectively the resources have been utilized. The accountant prepares, communicates, and interprets this information, and thus is an integral member of the leadership team of any organization.

The intense pace of technological change has prompted a widespread deployment of information technology throughout the world. The opportunity afforded by this technology, and the demands placed on management by global competition, generate a premium for those individuals who are able to use information technology to solve business problems. The Management Information Systems (MIS) program prepares students to use technology to create a competative advantage for their organizations. Using technology, companies, organizations, and governments can create stronger relationships with their stakeholders, optimize their operations and supply chains, create more efficient organizations, and generate information for better decision-making. Students who major in MIS work in all types of organizations or as consultants to as systems or business analysts, database administrators and analytics specialists, systems designers and developers, network and infrastructure designers and administrators, quality assurance specialists, and many other roles.