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Last modified: November 10, 2014 12:45:07.


Aim and Purpose

The College of Business and Economics Alumni chapter is dedicated to actively support and engage graduates through a wide variety of programs and services. The alumni chapter emphasizes lifelong learning and networking among its members. The aim of this chapter is to Connect CBE alumni with CBE and QU in order to serve alumni and promote a spirit of cooperation and fellowship among alumni. It will provide a platform to graduates to be involved, demonstrate leadership, arrange services, and provide support to its members. The association values diversity in its members as reflected in CBE classrooms at Qatar University. The chapter will encourage the relationships between alumni and the college and foster loyalty and support. This will increase members’ and students’ sense of belongingness to the college of business and economics. Through networking, members of the chapter are expected to learn about the recent advances in the relevant aspects of academia, industry practices, and job placement opportunities.


Membership is free to all CBE Alumni from Qatar University.  


The CBE Alumni chapter is more than an online community, it enables its members to attend real events organized by the Committee Members in order to network with recent graduates, other alumni, and current.

The activities organized by the association may include:

  • Establishing and increasing memberships in the chapter by staying in touch with graduates.

  • Establishing an executive committee (council) to set up the policies and plan the programs of the alumni chapter.

  • Helping to increase participation from its members by asking them to volunteer in setting the agenda and direction for the chapter.

  • Organizing an annual meeting (reunion) of all members.

  • Helping with networking among members.

  • Organizing educational events, seminars, and workshops to serve the interest of its members.

  • Organizing social events on various occasions.

  • Helping members to update their knowledge, and gain information about training programs to be at the leading edge of their careers.

  • Publishing a newsletter annually to keep the alumni informed of all the events arranged by the association.

  • Creating an alumni chapter website to communicate all the information to different stakeholders.

  • Creating a directory of all the alumni.