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Business Incubator
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Last modified: October 22, 2017 14:06:00.


At Qatar University you have a great opportunity to receive personal coaching and training for your business idea, or further develop your existing business and entrepreneurial skills. Business Incubator offers high-quality one-to-one coaching services, a network of fellow entrepreneurs, incubation space, and access to funding

Areas of concentration


Pre-requisites and competencies for becoming an entrepreneur


Business ideation


Sales and Marketing




Profitability and Pricing


Financial planning




Legal considerations & official co-operators

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Admission Criteria

To be admitted to the Business incubator, one must be either a student, Bachelor or Master Degree, Qatar University alumnus, or faculty member. We encourage as many applicants as possible to apply for our programme. However, we can only accept so many applicants, and therefore there has to be clear guidelines on how we make our final decision.

First of all, there has to be a business idea, or existing company, which has clear evidence of becoming profitable, and down the road also growth-oriented. We also emphasize innovativeness and uniqueness of the idea, as long as they seem to be profitable. A very important factor is the quality of the start-up team and the level commitment and persistence towards turning the idea into a real business.


Incubatees are committed to attending biweekly training sessions. In addition to training, incubatees are committed to working constantly on developing the business model canvas or business plan and setting up a profitable business. Coaches and incubatees are committed to working in an ethical and respectful manner together making ventures as successful as possible and meeting the goals determined in the beginning of the Business Incubation process. The length of the process is at minimum one semester and at maximum two semesters, equal to 12 months.

  • Business Model Canvas or Business plan
  • Market survey
  • Sales and marketing plan
  • Profitability calculation and other financial tools applicable for the venture
  • Continuation plan after QU Business Incubator including a funding scheme



  Success Stories

Recommendation by Fatma AlQaedi

"I have learned so many things while being in Business Incubator and from my coach Mr. Juha Peralampi. He is the one who introduced me to the entrepreneurial world which has made a huge difference in my life and on my way of thinking. I have chosen to be an entrepreneur and currently I eat, breathe and sleep entrepreneurship. I believe that getting motivated by Business Incubator and a person with an entrepreneurial background like Mr. Juha Peralampi, would help anyone to come up with a business idea and eventually setting up one's own business . I started in Business Incubator in the Fall 2013, and many achievements have happened since that time. I can highly recommend Business Incubator to all students and faculty members of Qatar University."

Physical Facilities and Infrastructure

Qatar University will provide the coachees with state-of-the-art facilities. Office space will be offered free of charge for student-based companies. There will be separate facilities for female and male