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Mission and Objectives
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Last modified: May 23, 2017 14:03:19.


The mission of the marketing and management programs is to develop effective, responsible and ethical managers and leaders who would add value to their organizations in the most complex environments as well as contribute to the social and economic development of Qatar. To this end, the program strives to foster students' creative abilities and support their acquired conceptual knowledge with an applied education to help them apply the theoretical concepts in their work environments.


At the Department of Management & Marketing, we strive to create a supportive, stimulating, and diverse work environment for our students, faculty members and staff. More specifically we aim :

  • To ensure that our academic programs and courses are relevant to current and emerging practice and reflect industry requirements
  • To attract and retain qualified and talented students
  • To develop our students' ability to solve management and marketing related problems and make sound decisions in complex environments
  • To attract and retain highly qualified academics in the areas of management and marketing;
  • To provide a well-balanced combination of high quality teaching and research
  • To provide a fulfilling experience for our faculty members and facilitate their intellectual development.
  • To build positive links with the business community.
  • To make meaningful contributions to the professional and academic communities at the national, regional and international levels.