Graduate Assistantship
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Last modified: May 26, 2016 09:52:09.

  Graduate Assistant Job Description

 The aim of this document is to provide a summary of the tasks expected to be performed by Graduate Assistant at the College of Business and Economics.

  • Assisting in laboratory sessions.
  • Provide tutorials and help session for undergraduate students.
  • Helping in grading reports, papers and quizzes.
  • Proctoring exams.
  • Organizing and uploading course handouts as instructed by the supervision of the Head of Department.
  •  Providing research assistance to the faculty members limited to:
    a) searching for articles
    b) preparing presentation materials for conferences and assisting faculty members to edit presentations and materials
    c) data collection (qualitative and quantitative) and data entry.
  •  Graduate Assistants could be assigned additional academic and/or research duties as deemed appropriate by the department chair.
  •  Other duties can be assigned subject to the approval of the Associated Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and the Head of Department.
The Graduate Assistant cannot perform administrative tasks such as photocopying, producing administrative reports, answering telephone calls and dealing with student requests not related to learning.