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Research Themes
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Last modified: October 06, 2016 11:44:09.


The College of Business and Economics developed its research strategic plan 2011-2013 in fall 2011. One part of the strategic plan was to develop research themes for the college and each academic department that address local and regional contemporary issues. These themes will be aligned with Qatar national research priorities.

The Process of Identifying The Themes:

During Fall 2011, the research committee in the CBE developed a questionnaire survey for the faculty related to their research activities. One component of the survey requested information about research topics that faculty are interested in pursuing. Additionally, a list of themes was developed based on the analysis of Qatar National Vision 2030, Qatar National Development Strategy 2011-2016, and Qatar University Strategy 2010-2013 documents. The faculty were asked to select from the list three major themes that they are interested in. Based on the analysis of the survey and the feedback from the faculty, students, and college alumni, the following themes for the college were identified and approved by the CBE council in spring 2012.

  • Environmental and Sustainability Management.

  • Cross-Cultural and Sports Event Marketing.

  • Islamic Business Studies.

  • Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness.

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

  • Human Capital and Empowerment.

  • Food Security and Energy Economics.

  • Accounting in Transition Economies.

  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Business Analytics

  • E-Business and Information Security.

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