Welcome to the Center for Energy and Sustainability Law

Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in the Center for Energy and Sustainability Law at Qatar University College of Law.

The State of Qatar’s dynamic economy is in the midst of a transition towards a more sustained ‘environmental development’, with the guiding Qatar National Vision 2030 and National Development Strategy 2011-2016 seeking to balance the country's unrivalled economic expansion with protection of the environment. Today, Qatar is a global energy hub, fast establishing itself as a center of education and research and a gateway to the Middle East.

Our goal is to act as the Middle East’s first permanent ‘think tank’ dedicated to energy and environmental law, offering a platform of interaction between industry, academia and government agencies. Our mission is to find solutions to the challenges of increasing energy demand, associated environmental degradation and calls for sustainability in the regional and global context. As a public-private initiative, the Center promotes legislative and policy development in conjunction with national and regional Ministries, international organizations and research communities.

Our activities, which range from industry-relevant academic research and consultancy projects to continuing legal education courses for professionals, are designed to equip the next generation of specialist practitioners with the required skills and expertise. Guest lectures and seminars by visiting scholars and professionals complement our program of activities and contribute to the overall development of the College of Law.

Through institutional collaborations and scholarly exchanges, our faculty is supported by a Global Faculty of experts and specialist practitioners. The Center interacts on a daily basis with representatives from the industry, Ministries and leading energy and environmental law practices, many of whom are represented on our International Advisory Board.

I hope you find our activities of interest. I very much look forward to meeting you at our future events in Doha.

Director, Centre for Energy and Sustainability Law

Dr Mohammad Alramahi