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Research Topics


This theme addresses the challenges and aspirations of hosting the World Cup, which will bring together different cultural backgrounds of different nationalities in Qatar while preserving the cultural identity and social values of Qatari society.

Within this axis, researchers are invited to submit papers/posters related to the following topics:

  • Understanding behaviors that may occur because of a lack of understanding of the “other” and its culture.
  • Issues of social security and the safety of hosts. (Fans interact with their teams in different ways depending on their culture.)
  • Choose cultural performances that reflect Qatar’s local and heritage cultural identity to mirror Qatar’s cultural aspects.
  • Opinions of the Qatari people about hosting the World Cup.
  • The history and culture of Qatar through the architectural designs of stadiums.


Qatar’s organization of the 2022 World Cup poses many legal challenges, and there are many aspirations from this organization. In terms of legal challenges, we find the protection of intellectual property rights related to this important event, whether the intellectual property elements owned by FIFA or the companies associated with it.

Within this axis, researchers are invited to submit papers/posters related to the following topics:

  • Intellectual property and the 2022 World Cup.
  • Legislation related to workers and expatriates.
  • Social legal aspects (public behavior and customs, and the impact thereof on Qatari society).
  • Customs, duties and taxes on goods brought by the participants to the event.
  • The legal procedures that guarantee safety and public health, the non-spread of crimes, particularly cyber-crimes, and the non-spread of diseases among the participants.
  • Organizing competition between national enterprises and companies and their foreign counterparts and ensuring that the former plays its national role within the framework of national laws and international conventions and treaties.
  • Law and sports.


How can basic sciences, engineering, and medicine facilitate the influx of masses to the State of Qatar and its stadiums, maintain their safety before, during, and after they attend matches, and preserve the environment in the State of Qatar?

Within this axis, researchers are invited to submit papers/posters related to the following topics:

  • Mobile apps
  • Robots
  • Air Quality check and control
  • Sustainability
  • Sensors
  • Food quality check and control
  • Water quality check and control
  • Public health protection and control
  • Safe transportation
  • Security
  • Science and Engineering in Sports
  • Athletes Medical Treatment
  • Stadium constructions and designs
  • Handling Emergency Situations

Publishing opportunity for outstanding papers

Selected papers that meet the writing and peer-review criteria of Tajseer journal, available on: , will be published in the special issue on: “Bringing the World Together: Global and Local Perspectives on Sport Management”. For more information on the special issue, please visit: