Measurement and Evaluation Unit
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Last modified: January 09, 2017 09:04:45.

The unit will be a leader in responding to government and private institutions' needs in area of different specialized psychometric tests and measurements. The unit conducts comprehensive educational and psychological measurements and evaluations.

The unit is committed to the enrichment of the theoretical and practical aspects of the educational and psychological fields sciences. The unit fulfills this commitment through joint scientific research and the preparation and training of educational research teams that prove the quality of measurement and diagnostic procedures.

The Needs for Such Unit:

  • To meet the growing needs of various governmental agencies for well-constructed and standardized tests to be used for educational, psychological and professional purposes

  • To provide  a valuable  and important link between the University as a specialist academic entity, the various governmental agencies and society at large

  • To provide consultancy and training courses for government and private bodies on matters concerning tests, measurement and evaluation

  • To institute  a specialist  entity for educators, educational psychologists and practitioners for constructing and validating tests and measurements  for educational purposes in the most appropriate and conducive academic environment

Short-Term Tasks:

  • Preparing tests and measurements.

  • Developing, training and preparing specialized teams

  • Providing measurement centers in various educational institutions as well as researchers who possess counseling and services.

The Priorities of the Unit:

Based on the needs of Qatar, the unit serves the community in the areas of health, education and career in preparing summative, achievement and psychological tests. Among the priorities of the center are:

  • The construction of skill tests for the first three primary grades and

  • Provide exams for the level of autism

Current Projects

  • Validation of the Autism Test ADOS.



Download the Unit Poster (PDF)