Professional and Pedagogical Knowledge
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Last modified: October 02, 2011 20:41:21.
Summary: Teacher candidates, advanced candidates, and other school professionals reflect a thorough understanding of professional and pedagogical knowledge and skills delineated in professional, state, and institutional standards. They develop meaningful learning experiences to facilitate learning for all students. They reflect on their practice and make necessary adjustments to enhance student learning. They know how students learn and how to make ideas accessible to them. They consider school, family, and community contexts in connecting concepts to students’ prior experience and applying the ideas to real-world issues. Candidates in advanced programs
 develop expertise in certain aspects of professional and pedagogical knowledge and contribute to the dialogue based on their research and experiences. They take on leadership roles in the professional community and collaborate with colleagues to contribute to school improvement and renewal.

All B.Ed. and Diploma candidates are assessed over time by multiple evaluators on two key documents, the Classroom Performance Assessment (CPA), and the Professional Performance Instrument (PPI), each of which includes significant criteria related to professional and pedagogical knowledge and skills. They self-assess at Checkpoints 1 and 2, and self assess twice over the course of their clinical experience (student teacher or internship). The mentor teachers complete the assessments three times (during the field experience and twice during the clinical experience). College supervisors complete the assessments twice during the clinical experience. This process provides data over time to show growth in candidates’ professional and pedagogical knowledge and skills.

Criteria in the PPI include multiple items in each of these categories:

  • Intern works as a member of professional teams.
  • Intern builds partnerships with families and the community.
  • Intern reflects on, evaluates, and improves professional practice.

In addition, the candidate is scored on 17 other criteria related to professionalism.