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Last modified: October 02, 2011 19:34:39.
Summary: Candidates in unit programs interact with professional education faculty, faculty in other units, and school faculty from a broad range of diverse groups. Higher education and school faculty with whom candidates work throughout their preparation program are have experience working with diverse students, including students with exceptionalities., and learning to work with students with exceptionalities in infused throughout all programs.

Unit faculty is composed of individuals from eight nations. As Figure 3 shows, 54% of the faculty members are Qatari, 46% non-Qatari (based on 2009-2010 faculty). All programs have staff members from different nations represented among the teaching staff.

Figure 1. Nationalities of faculty members in the unit.

The faculty of the university is also very diverse. The 2008-2009 University Factbook gives the university faculty statistics as follows; 111 faculty members from Africa (7 countries), 118 faculty members from North America (2 countries), two faculty members from South America (2 countries), 34 faculty members from Europe (8 countries), 330 faculty members from Asia (21 countries), and 17 faculty members from Oceania (2 countries). Figure 4 graphically represents this information.

Figure 2. Nationalities of the university faculty members.