Professional Development
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Last modified: October 02, 2011 17:08:42.
Summary: The unit has policies and practices that encourage all professional education faculty to be continuous learners. Experienced professional education faculty mentor new faculty, providing encouragement and support for developing scholarly work around teaching, inquiry, and service.

The unit designed a template to collect evidence pertaining to the unit facilitation of professional development. Starting 2009/2010 all unit faculty are required to develop a professional development road map based on the template (Faculty Professional Development Plan).

Table 1 shows faculty participation in faculty professional development activities. These include workshop and conference attendance to keep abreast of scientific and technological development in their respective field. As Table 1 suggests, there is a steady increase in faculty participation in professional activities during the last three years.

OFID is currently actively supporting faculty by providing professional development opportunities in the use of technology, innovative teaching methods, and assessment strategies such as Experts in the Use of Blackboard™, Formative Assessment, Preparation of E-Course Portfolios, Engaging Students in Large Classes, Assessing Learning Outcomes at the Course Level, Student-Centered Teaching Based on Research, How to Increase Students’ Motivation, Enhancing Students’ Cognitive Skills. New faculty members in the unit new are mentored in teaching and scholarship through team teaching activities, collaborative research activities respectively.

Table 1
Faculty Participation in Professional Development Activities

Professional Development Activities 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010
Attended Workshops 89 114 140
Attended Conferences 57 74 85
Technology Use Workshops 32 36 64
Total 178 224 289