Unit Facilities
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Last modified: October 02, 2011 18:34:09.


Qatar is in the midst of a systemic reform to which the government at all levels is committed. The unit and the schools thus have access to outstanding facilities on campus and with partner schools to support candidates in meeting standards. Facilities allow faculty members and mentors to use and model the use of technology for instructional purposes.

The unit has 14 classrooms, including a large (250 person capacity) lecture hall will full multimedia capabilities. In recent years the unit has been working to convert all classrooms into Smart classrooms. These classrooms are self-contained media classrooms with the following equipment: a screen, a projector, a computer, DVD/CD player and a sound system. The computer and projector enables faculty to interact with what is displayed on the computer screen and thus actively engage students in presentations. One classroom presently has video lecture-capture, and the plans are to expand this functionality to additional classrooms. At present, the unit does have a video lab and an extensive media center (described more fully in 6d.3)

Because our different programs address different populations (undergraduate, full-time students and post-graduate, working students), times for the courses vary, thus essentially doubling our classroom space. As the B.Ed. program expands, as it shows every indication of doing so, the unit may need to request additional classroom space.

Each member of the full-time faculty has either a private or shared office with a computer desktop, printer, telephone network-based Cisco Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, which provides telephone services over a network connection. The new Cisco system provides a wealth of improved features for supporting university business.

At present, all classes are conducted at the university; however, as the only institution for educator preparation, the potential for in-school activities is extensive. As all schools are involved in the Education Reform all schools are either new or under extensive renovation.