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Last modified: January 09, 2017 08:32:25.

On my behalf and the College of Education, I welcome you in the Field Experience and Internship Supervision Unit.

This unit was established to provide students with proper training in the practical application of modern skills and strategies that they studied in the previous semesters .Indeed , the establishment of such a unit is a strong indicator for the care and appreciation that the College of Education have for its students.

One of the priorities of the unit is to follow up with students ‘training applications at different schools and making sure that they receive the utmost benefit .This is done through selecting the best Independent schools for them which in turn will have an effective role in enriching their academic and practical skills.

We aspire to have a unit that will be a contributing factor in graduating efficient teachers , equipped with the recent learning and teaching strategies and methodologies , and able to contribute in the lives of the future generations in Qatar.

Wishing you all the best .
Mrs. Lamiah
General Unit Coordinator