Capacity Building Program
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Last modified: May 06, 2014 06:23:21.

Overarching Goal

Building and developing external capacity while systemically changing the culture of the supported schools through a train the trainer model with coaching/mentoring tools developed by the Specialist to be used to assess their impact on student achievement.


  • Conduct high quality professional development activities that will be derived from research-based best-practice, and deep knowledge of Qatar's cultural and educational context.
  • Build human capital at NCED to prepare educators for Qatar's Independent Schools.
  • Conduct ongoing personnel needs assessments and research/evaluate activities to provide valid data on education personnel needs, quality and impact on student learning.
  • Disseminate information on Qatar's educational development initiatives to International scholars through the Center publications and local, regional/international conferences.

Training Sessions:

  1. Brain Based Learning
  2. Cognitive Coaching
  3. The Art and Science of Teaching
  4. Teachers Evaluation System
  5. Diversity “Qatar in Focus”
  6. Educational Leadership
  7. Standards-Based Educational System