iEARN Project
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Last modified: May 05, 2014 09:24:40.

This project builds upon the basic principle of Project-based Learning (PBL) by connecting classrooms around the world via an online network. iEARN’s model of Global Project-Based Learning allows young students to acquire skills in critical thinking, and cross-cultural awareness while connecting their learning to real world issues, making learning challenging and enjoyable.

The iEARN-Qatar program is a major extension of Connect Reach Out To Asia’s Knowledge Network initiative, which was created to establish a sustainable, connective and collaborative online learning community, with access to international educational resources, dissolving barriers and leading to a better quality of education and life within Asia including the Middle East.

Through face-to-face workshops, teacher professional development opportunities, conferences, exhibitions community events and other activities, ROTA and NCED are establishing a self-sustainable iEARN-Qatar learning community that will be connected regionally and globally through iEARN International.

iEARN-Qatar aims to provide opportunities for students and teachers in the country to engage in collaborative education across the globe using the internet and other new technologies.