Assisstive Technology Course
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Last modified: May 05, 2014 09:27:58.

This course is designed and offered in colaboration with Qatar Assisstive Technology Center (MADA). The course aims at introducing participant educators to the area of Assistive Technology, provide definitions of common terms and explain the benefits of using technology to students.  A review of the common challenges faced by children with a disability in education will be presented. Further, the course describes common ICT based technologies that can be of benefit to students with a disability in the classroom.  This includes guidelines on general accessibility of both platforms (PC and iPAD) and resources such as documents, websites etc.

It focuses, also, on differentiating between Assistive Technology and Educational Technology and on providing teachers with the practical skills and experience required to create their own Education Resources using an Assistive Technology Software called Clicker 5.  This multimedia software provides a content free platform for creating PC based classroom activities for children with a disability.  Teachers can scaffold learning activities using visual support (images, photos and symbols), auditory support (recorded and text to speech support) and other multimedia such as animation and video. Finally, participants will also be shown how to access online materials and how these can be adapted to suit the requirements of their particular classroom and students.