School-based Reform Project (TAMAM)
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Last modified: May 05, 2014 09:27:12.

This project is a collaborative school-based educational reform project involving schools in the Arab World. The initiative is an eight-year project established by American University in Beirut in conjunction with the Arab Thought Foundation. The purpose of the project is to promote inquiry and evidence-based decision-making through action research. The project also aims at developing a theory of change by investigating factors which enhance educational change in the Arab schools.

Two schools in Qatar took advantage of the opportunity and joined the TAMAM project with two self-assessed needs. Ahmed Bin-Mohammed Independent Secondary School for Boys with “The effectiveness of the middle management team in improving student achievement” project. The school improvement need was determined after surveying all staff members. With teachers realizing the negative effect workload has on subject coordinators reflecting on student achievement in the classroom, they came to consensus of the prioritized improvement need and suggestions of possible solutions.

The other school, Abu Baker Preparatory Independent School for Boys initiated the “Increasing Qatari student motivation” project. Surveys and focus group discussions revealed the need for the school to approach the matter positively to increase student achievement. The staff in general is aiming at increasing student motivation, encourage student school involvement, improve student behavior, and improve student achievement.