Reading Together for Qatar
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Last modified: January 08, 2017 15:51:05.

The College of Education is pleased to launch the volunteer tutoring program, Reading Together for Qatar, which aims to help young children in school, especially those students who are struggling, become better readers.

A child learns to read in the early years of school and then uses reading to learn other school subjects later on. Thus, the importance of the project lies in the fact that it will provide young students with the literacy tools that will open the world around them through reading.

The project, with its volunteer component, reflects the concept of learning as a community responsibility which is referred to in Qatar’s Vision 2030 and the National Development Strategy for 2011-16. There is no doubt that volunteers in this project will feel the important roles they are playing and realize the changes they are making not only at the level of the individual, but also for the whole society. It is an experience that can’t be acquired through books or university lectures, but only through the interactions with the children. 

This project will result also support the development of materials-- diagnostic tools, teaching strategies, and reading activities--that can be used in schools to improve literacy in Qatar.

Greetings from the Project Team