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Last modified: January 08, 2017 21:14:53.

The Bachelor of Education in Special Education is a new program offered by the College of Education in response to the current educational needs. B.Ed. in Special Education represents a way to prepare that supply of special educators—and especially educators who are Qatari—for the early childhood programs, K-12 classrooms, and specialized centres in the country. Nationals who begin their career paths as teachers then have the potential to become educational leaders with solid backgrounds because of their preparation and experience in schools. 

B.Ed. program instruction will be in Arabic, and will admit approximately 45 candidates a year across the three concentrations and be available first to female students. Prospective students will be among those who are called to the field of education. But they will also have interests in making differences in the lives of children and youth with disabilities, possibly because of relatives or friends with disabilities and the realization of the need for greater opportunities for such students.